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More than a pair of socks!

There are thousands of personalized gifts out there. Personalized socks, chopping boards, hats with your name on it, caricatures of a happy couple on their wedding day… the list is endless. It’s an easy process for the gifter… a couple of clicks and ‘hey presto’, you’ve ordered a ‘personalized gift’ that someone will cherish... probably for a few minutes. Once the novelty wears off, that personalized chopping board will be cast aside or worse… used for chopping onions!

Just Happy Tears is different. Our customers come to us looking for a gift that someone will cherish forever. They want a gift that’s going to blow the giftees’ personalized socks off. They want screams of amazement, they want appreciation, they want tears… tears because this is the most amazingly sentimental gift a person can receive.

When we founded Just Happy Tears in 2017, we knew that there would be a demand. After all for years, Lisa (one of our founders) had been receiving requests from friends and families for years for a piece of poetry or writing to mark a special occasion… weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, new babies… the list is endless. Lisa however, didn’t realize at the time how many people out there can’t find the right words to tell their story. That’s where Just Happy Tears comes in.

When we say ‘personalized’ we mean it. We take your story, transform it into a beautiful piece of poetry or prose and place it with a picture of your choosing on a beautiful canvas, wood or metal print. It’s the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, engagement, wedding, new baby!

Our customers are the most important thing to us. We work with our customers to ensure they’re 100% happy with the finished product and to date we’ve had a 100% success rate. We’ve yet to come across a customer or a giftee who hasn’t cried on receiving the finished product. We are THAT GOOD!

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