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Storms in my head... Writing as Therapy

Storms in my head... Writing as Therapy

When you experience a difficult time in life... like a fall-out with someone close to you, you're often told to write them a letter expressing all the anger and hurt that you feel and then to throw it away along with all of that resentment.

This is such a valuable piece of advice and sums up why writing is my coping mechanism and my release... it's my way of dealing with life. 

On World Poetry Day, it's important to celebrate all the beautiful poetic works that we possess and cherish but for me poetry and writing means more than that.

Today I want to celebrate what poetry is to me... it's not flowery language and ABAB rhyme scheme. It's my inner-being and how I make sense of myself. To that end I've posted a piece I wrote a little while ago in the midst of a raging storm in my head!

It's one I go back to again and again when I'm feeling unsettled or unsure. It helps me remember that I've got the strength to make it through the storm and back into calm seas. Writing is my therapy and I'm so very grateful for it. 

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