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Sunrise - The Perfect Gift For Her Groom

Sunrise - The Perfect Gift For Her Groom

I was awoken last Friday morning at 4am to my husband fully clothed, standing over our bed with a coffee saying, ‘get up, we’re going to watch the sunrise.’ I looked at him like he had four heads, expecting me to get out of bed at that time in the morning… He almost had to drag me out of my cosy sheets but eventually I gave in to his excitement! Yep, he’s an old romantic! He’d probably tell me… ‘less of the old’.

poems on canvas


Although I’ve witnessed the sun rise plenty over the years having worked as an early morning reporter or after a big night out ;) Friday was the first time that I had ever taken the time to actually sit, appreciate and literally breathe in the sheer beauty and sentiment of watching one day end and another brand new day begin.

It was particularly poignant for a very special reason… At Just Happy Tears we have the honor of hearing the most beautiful love stories and life stories on a daily basis. It’s what makes our job so special. Although we always love delving into all the different life tales…  it’s very true that some affect you more profoundly than others.

A few weeks ago I got a message from a Bride to Be, who wanted a very special gift to give to her groom on the morning of their wedding. She said wanted something completely unique and personal to them and their relationship. She had come to the right place. As she shared the details of their story with me, I found myself in tears.

They met and fell in love... a chance meeting that led them to forge a deep, unbreakable love. They were living and loving life when our beautiful Bride-To-Be found out she was pregnant. Sadly, it wasn’t to be… they lost their precious baby during her pregnancy. She told me of an incredibly sad but poignant discussion she had with her Groom-To-Be at the hospital where they came to the conclusion that although times were dark at that particular moment that the ‘sun would rise again’ for them. We wrote a poem for them entitled… A Sunrise Like No Other.’ She'll give it to her groom on the morning of their wedding. She told us that the gift was more than she ever hoped for, that it captured their journey perfectly. Our job was done :) 

poems made into pictures


As I sat by the beach watching the sunrise on Friday morning, I thought of this incredibly strong Bride and Groom to be and their hopes for the future and I realized that I have my own. Personally, it’s been a tough few months. I lost my darling Dad in April and I miss him everyday. Thursday had been a particularly tough one. But on Friday morning as I watched this beautiful sunrise, I saw one side of the sky darken - signalling the end of one day and the other side of the sky brighten - signalling beginning of another. I could hear my Dad’s lovely voice in my head whispering like he always did… ‘It will be ok pet, tomorrow is a new day.’

Thankfully that’s one thing we can be assured of in their crazy thing called life… the sun will always rise again tomorrow. It’s just up to us to remember to appreciate it.


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