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Sunrise - The Perfect Gift For Her Groom

Sunrise - The Perfect Gift For Her Groom
I was awoken last Friday morning at 4am to my husband fully clothed, standing over our bed with a coffee saying, ‘get up, we’re going to watch the sunrise.’ I looked at him like he four heads, expecting me to get out of bed at that time in the morning… He almost had to drag me out of my cosy sheets but eventually I gave in to his excitement! Yep, he’s an old romantic! He’d probably tell me… ‘less of the old’.

Just Happy Tears on Father's Day

Just Happy Tears on Father's Day
My Dad is one of the most important people in my life. He has always encouraged me, guided me, minded me and listened to me.

Last Father's Day I wrote him a poem to let him know how much he means to me. 

I've seen him cry only a few times in my life... once on my wedding day and once on the day that I gave him this gift. 

These words are from my very soul. He knows that.  

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He was my world for 30 years.
He still is.
My world got bigger.

My dream-maker. Dream-catcher.
Without hesitation he said go.

I smile because of him.
I cry with him.
My white knight and my protector,
He became my ally.  

I am his realm.
I know that.
I always have.

Tales of catching rabbits to ‘big Peter’ down below.
Midnight chats.  
Morning broke.
He called.

He belongs to me. My Dado.
He always will.
My heart commands it.

Happy International Nurses' Day

Happy International Nurses' Day

graduation gifts


On International Nurses' Day we'd like to take a minute to appreciate the amazing work they do all over the world. 

Here's a recent Just Happy Tears graduation gift, sent to one of those superheroes. As a society we'd be lost without you. Thank you x