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When did you last say I love you?

When did you last say I love you?

We spend most of our days running around taking care of everything that needs to be attended to... work, family, pets, school.... the list is endless. Sometimes we forget to stop, to appreciate, to say thank you or to say I love you. 

Sometimes by the time you realize you should have slowed down, it's too late. Today we're designing orders for birthday, anniversaries and graduations because these occasions come up everyday in life and we like to mark them.

But in addition we're working on a beautiful, 'I love you' gift. There's no reason for this gift, other than our customer is taking the time to say... 'I love you.' At Just Happy Tears, that's what we're about. We love telling your life stories & your love stories... And there's no better reason than... just because.   


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