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Of a Tuesday...

Of a Tuesday...
It being Tuesday reminded me of a poem I wrote recently for a birthday gift to a very much loved dad, grandad, husband and son.

It's called 'Of a Tuesday', a phrase used often by Tommy (the recipient). Before writing this poem, I had a number of details about Tommy:
1. He loves to play golf.
2. He's a hockey coach, has played all his life and his sons hold very special memories of them playing together. 
3. Tommy used to be a boxing champion. 
4. He loves a glass of bubbly!! 
5. He is very loved and cherished by his family and friends. 
Of a Tuesday…  

He smiles wisely, he winks knowingly.
His tales detailing the decades.

All the while knowing that the decades belong to us.
He belongs to us.

As another year passes, we celebrate him.
His kindness, his strength, his softness, his love.

Memories of years gone by… of goals scored together.
To the present moment… of putts taken together.

A father to his sons and daughters.

A grandfather.
Laughing, loving, being. 
The crinkling of his eyes and behind them a glow.
Bubbles surfacing… popping like a right hook.   
As we raise a glass.
To Tommy.
He belongs to us.