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Sunrise - The Perfect Gift For Her Groom

Sunrise - The Perfect Gift For Her Groom
I was awoken last Friday morning at 4am to my husband fully clothed, standing over our bed with a coffee saying, ‘get up, we’re going to watch the sunrise.’ I looked at him like he four heads, expecting me to get out of bed at that time in the morning… He almost had to drag me out of my cosy sheets but eventually I gave in to his excitement! Yep, he’s an old romantic! He’d probably tell me… ‘less of the old’.

Calling all Brides...

personalized poem print


You're about to walk down the aisle to the person you love, to pledge your life to them. Everything is ready to go but there's one big problem. You need a wedding gift for your bride or groom... 

What gift can you get for your partner that symbolizes the massive, life-changing step that you're about to take? What gift can possibly capture your relationship, your love and more importantly your life together? 

Simple... a gift that leads to happy tears! And in this case... a lot of happy years ahead! Just Happy Tears tell love stories and life stories. Our customer reviews are all we need to know we're doing a good job!

Here's one we made earlier... #findyourhappy

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