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Your story...

Your story...

There is nothing more we love about our job here at Just Happy Tears than hearing people's stories. They turn our job into our passion. 

We received an order recently - a wedding/Christmas present from a daughter to her mother. This story is one of tremendous love, friendship, tragedy and hope. It's not my story to share but the poetry is... 



Island Dreaming

Late but perfectly timed.
Your island dream,
Became forever.

A beautiful friendship.
Memories of summer days.
Happy Tears.
Then sad ones.   
It was all but lost.

But out of that friendship…
A beautiful love.

And brave.

You are my Queen.
You built our castle.
Strengthened the walls.
And guarded us.
Now you’re his Queen.
He’ll guard you.
And you him.

No war of words though over the scrabble board though…
Just island dreams.



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