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1. A Love Poem

At Just Happy Tears, we understand that words are everything. They come from the soul. So what better way to say ‘I love you’ than with a love poem written from the heart for your other half. It can be four lines or two pages, it doesn’t matter… going to the effort of collecting and documenting your beautiful memories and special moments is something that your Valentine will cherish forever. If you can’t write it yourself… Just Happy Tears will help you out!!

engraved presents

2. Memory Box

A Memory Box is a beautiful way to revisit your special memories. Gather old ticket stubs, boarding passes, pictures, cards and other sentimental little bits you’ve kept throughout your relationship. There are so many different ways to put a memory box together and here are some of them. Your memory box is forever. Add to it year after year and soon you’ll have a beautiful box bursting with wonderful memories.

3. Date Box

Pick twelve different dates ideas - one for each of the 12 months ahead. Put each one in an envelope and seal it with the name of a month written on it. On the first day of each month have your Valentine open one envelope and then arrange your date together. This is such a unique, thoughtful and easy to create gift and the great thing is... it can be as expensive or inexpensive as you like. Think of anything from hotel/restaurant vouchers to a simple walk in the park with a hot chocolate afterwards. For some more ideas see www.getdatebox.com

date box


4. A Photobook

Similar to a memory box, a photobook is a lovely way of revisiting memories that mean a lot to you and your Valentine. Arrange your photobox in chronological order to take a walk down memory lane. My Photobook.ie can help you out with this!

5. A Map of the World

People who love to travel will love this idea. It’s cheap, easy and really thoughtful. Buy a map of the world and some stickers in two different colors. Highlight the places you’ve traveled to with your Valentine in one color and the places you’d like to travel to with your Valentine in a different color. Each time you make it to one of your destinations, change the sticker! If you’re feeling really adventurous you can have your map personalized!

A Map of the World

Anxiety Struggles on World Mental Health Day

Anxiety Struggles on World Mental Health Day

2018 was meant to be a good year! On New Year's Eve 2017, I willed 2018 to be the 'new beginning' that I felt I was due. My Dad, who I was incredibly close to had been sick in 2017 but towards the end of 2017 had been given the 'all clear'. My husband and I had been trying to have a baby and we we're ready to get stuck into IVF... We were excited!

2018 did not turn out the way that I had planned. I lost my beautiful Dad. My husband, Trevor and I are now in the middle of another IVF cycle, always hoping that this one will be the one. My mum, my best friend in the entire world has Dementia.

That's life I guess. I know that life is full of peaks and troughs for everyone and that we're in a valley at the moment but we're doing our best to climb that mountain. I keep smiling because I know that the grief will eventually ease and that life will turn at some point again. I know that... most of the time. But for the first time in my life, over the last few months I've experienced anxiety like I never have before. It's sporadic. It's occasional but it's crippling.  

When it happens, I can’t see the top of the mountain. I see obstacles in my way of getting there. I see fallen trees, winding roads and fire-breathing dragons in my way!

What I've realised over the past few months, while leaning on my husband, friends, family and my amazing support network in general is that I'm not alone. When I'm in my house feeling like the world is caving in on top of me and being scared to face it, across the road, someone else is facing a similar struggle. Selfishly, for me there's a solace in that.

Over the past while, I’ve learned to be good to myself and I’ve learned how important self care is. I’ve always been a people pleaser. I’ll go to the ends of the earth to avoid letting someone down. I’ve learned that I had to draw a line. Go beyond that line and you’re letting yourself down. Take a walk. Speak to someone. Book the massage. Take ten minutes to meditate or write. Or simply take ten minutes to sit down and think about what you need. Otherwise what’s the point in it all?

Today is World Mental Health Day. It's a day to really just step outside your comfort zone, in whatever context you want. If you're struggling reach out... if you're not, reach out to someone who is. Be kind to each other because kindness is the best cure sometimes. Send someone a text or a 'just because' gift as a token of what they mean to you. Just be kind. If not a cure... kindness is most certainly a tonic. Save someone with kindness today. #worldmentalhealthday


A poem for anxious minds - Lisa McKelvey