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Just Happy Tears provides high end bespoke/personalized gifts with a literary twist. We tell love stories and life stories. 

My name is Lisa McKelvey. I've always loved telling stories. As a journalist for over 10 years, my life revolved around words and hard facts, but the romanticism of poetry has always had a special place in my heart.

Just Happy Tears came about because for years now friends and family have been coming to me asking me to capture their stories to mark different special occasions... weddings, birthdays, anniversaries... the list is endless! They wanted to put together something personal and sentimental and couldn’t do it themselves. 

How does it work? A customer is looking for a special gift for an occasion - wedding, engagement, birthday, retirement, graduation... the list is endless! They visit the Just Happy Tears online store, provide some details about the giftee and their relationship through our form and our writers generate a beautiful bespoke piece of writing or poem from this. Using a photo of their choice we create a beautiful wall hanging on a canvas, wood or metal print.

The process is collaborative and personal, it’s high end in every sense.

Just Happy Tears now has happy customers all over the world! 

Lisa x