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A corporate gift should be as exceptional as the company gifting it. A company story is everything and we'll tell yours perfectly. Whether you need gifts for an event or to mark employee anniversaries within the company, Just Happy Tears provides a different type of gift. Our gifts offer a true show of appreciation for a recipient in a way that your token coffee table book or branded water bottle cannot!  

Our one-of-a-kind gifts are produced for your company alone. They're unique, sentimental and are simply beautiful pieces of art in every way.

Have an event coming up? We'll work with you to produce a corporate gift that will be a talking point of the night. We have a number of corporate packages which can be mixed and matched depending on your needs. 


- A beautifully crafted, personalized poem, written uniquely for your company. Think of it as a sentimental company mission statement, prettied up and presented for the world to see. 

- A stunning display piece. The poem is designed on an image of your choosing and transformed into a beautiful canvas, wood or metal print for display on your at your event. We've heard time and time again that our JustHappyTears gifts provides one of those ever important talking points. 

- A studio quality recording of your poem. Many companies want to have their poem read out during the event. This company has been built from the ground up with hard work! Just Happy Tears captures that story. 

- Permission and licensing to allow you to print your poem on event stationery  (Company literature, event invitations, menus, favors etc) 

- Scrolls - We can create beautiful event favors in the form of scrolls. Your prints are laid out on Fine Art or Lustre Photo Paper. A4 image with 2” border.